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  • Man-portable electric power.
  • Emergency power.
  • Eddy current retarder.
  • Hybrid vehicles.

Light Weight Alternator for Mobile Electric Power
Advances in electronics have brought about increased demand for small electric generators to power equipment for computing and communication at remote locations. InterScience, Inc. has developed a line of advanced light weight generators for use as auxiliary power units. These units have been coupled to small diesel engines to form a complete, diesel driven generator set with a power density approaching 100 W/kg. Compare with military standard units currently in use that have a power density in the range of 15 W/kg. Our 3 kW unit weighs just 100 lb. and is man-portable.



  • Modular alternator design scaleable from 500 W to 10's of kW with power density of ~1 kW/kg.
  • Diesel engine driven to achieve 100 W/lb. for engine/alternator set for turn key operation.
  • Dual function as motor/alternator.
  • Power conditioning to deliver DC and single and multi - phase AC outputs.
  • Flexible current and voltage outputs.
  • Permanent magnet technology, axial gap design.